Anonymous asked:

god is also in every war humanity has witnessed, every famine, every mass murder all the sickness and cancer. He's then also with all the corrupt politicians and cooperation's seeking to control the world. so its hard for me to want god in my life. but since some people donate to charity or give a homeless man food, it makes up for the fact that people are slaughtered every day over religion.

God is only in those things because we have free will and because there’s sin in the world. That is the harshest misconception that God is the cause of all of those things. Do you really believe that without God those things wouldn’t exist? You’re right that religion is the problem. God is not the problem.

It’s so mind boggling to me that people can live their whole lives without the hope of God. Ignoring that he’s right there. He’s all around them. How could you question your purpose when your proof is in every blade of grass… Every rush of wind… Every breath you take. I cannot fathom.